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Maintaining your company's operational capacity is no small task, particularly when you unexpectedly find yourself facing the loss of an executive or a key staff member. Few events will cause more disruption to your routine performance than the rush-replacement of your most important resource: Your people.



Business is growing. New opportunities are in the works. Now what?


For the last several years, your company has probably been like most in steel related industries: You’ve done more with less. You’ve kept your critical people. You’ve delegated to those who can wear multiple hats and broadened job descriptions for those who can easily move between job functions as needed.




Cultural fit is essential in your selection of just the right candidate.


The cultural fit of new personnel within your company is central to teamwork and vital to your growth. Getting the fit right can make or break your team and may have long term implications for your company. Understanding what makes a candidate "tick" is far more challenging than tallying up a list of qualifications. We can help.